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Connecting communities to promote equitable access to technology and support the learning and application of digital skills in an increasingly digital world.

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The Kansas City Public Library is a doorway to knowledge for all people in our community.

Our Origin Story

Tech Access is a unique team within the Kansas City Public Library's Strategic Initiatives department.


It began in 2016 as a grant-funded project to enhance the Library's digital inclusion services to the community. Tech Access quickly realized that library staff didn't always have the bandwidth to provide in-depth digital literacy training and support services to patrons. It was determined that community volunteers, with a diverse array of expertise and customer service experiences, could fill in the gaps. From this knowledge, the Tech Coach volunteer program was born!


Soon after, Tech Access began developing partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations to bring digital literacy resources directly into the lives of patrons who need them most.

Our Services

Our Services

Tech Access is now a permanent department within Kansas City Public Library. Some of our programming is still supported by charitable giving and grants, but much of it also relies on our Digital Corps members, Tech Coach volunteers, partners, and everyone's generous contributions of knowledge, time, and service.


Tech Access is still growing and adapting, especially after the 2020 pandemic. The Tech Access team realized that more support was required at branch locations, and with the support of the AmeriCorps VISTA program, in 2023 the Digital Corps was launched. Digital Corps members have begun meeting patrons at branch locations to help them develop the skills they need to tackle their technology questions and understand the importance of technology in the world around them.


Tech Access was focused with an emphasis on serving adult learners and patrons in pursuit of digital literacy and workforce skills. Our resources include:

  • Community partnerships

  • Digital Corps members within the branches

  • Downloadable technology training materials

  • Links to online training resources

  • Tech Coach volunteers

  • Technology training sessions at partner sites and branch locations

Our Team

Our Team


Wendy Pearson
Strategic Initiatives

Wendy manages all projects and teams within Kansas City Public Library's Strategic Initiatives department, including Tech Access. Tech Access began with Wendy.  The team is guided by her passion and dedication to digital inclusion and her community.

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Megan McNaughton
Tech Access
Partnerships Coordinator

Megan oversees and develops local, state, and national partnerships for the team. She ensures that Tech Access's resources are available for individuals and  organizations that are interested in gaining digital literacy skills and sharing those resources with others.

A man with red hair and a moustache, wearing dark-rimmed glasses, smiling at the camera.

Andrew Linn
Tech Access
Programming Coordinator

Andrew oversees Tech Access' library programming, volunteer program, and public relations. He provides direct support to patrons, volunteers, and staff to facilitate digital literacy and digital inclusion services within the Library.

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