To connect communities to overcome the digital divide, in pursuit of tech proficiency, workforce skills, and lifelong learning. 


The digital divide is not a barrier for KC adults in pursuit of skills and knowledge.


  • Equitable — We will always be accessible, respectful and flexible in order to be of assistance to everyone.  

  • Reliable – We will always be there when and where we say we will be.

  • Commitment — We will always follow-through and do what we say we will.  

  • Responsive — We will always ask first rather than make assumptions about the needs of those we serve. 

  • Efficient — We will recognize the ways that technology is impacting your life, and do our best to meet your needs as quickly as possible. 

  • Supportive — We will always contribute to the success of our patrons, our team, the Kansas City Public Library, and the Kansas City community. 

Tech Access Origin Story

Tech Access is a special initiative within the Kansas City Public Library's Strategic Initiatives Department. We began in 2016 as a special grant-funded project to enhance the Library's digital inclusion services to the community. In the beginning, we realized library staff could not always provide in-depth digital literacy training and support services to patrons directly so we turned to the diverse array of expertise of community volunteers. This is how the Tech Coach Volunteer program was born!

spanish learning circle at ruiz branch.j

As our volunteer team grew, we identified gaps in our ability to maximize the success and community impact of Tech Access. Through the generosity of several charitable foundations and state government grants, we have been able to expand our collection of resources. 

Tech Access is now a collection of resources designed by The Kansas City Public Library to serve adults patrons in pursuit of digital literacy and workforce skills:

  • Tech Coach Volunteers

  • Mobile Computer Lab

  • Learning Pathways (assessments, curriculum and certifications)

  • Community Partnerships

Since digital inclusion remains a top priority for the Library, Tech Access is now established as a permanent subdivision of the library's Strategic Initiatives Department, although, programming support is still made possible by charitable giving and grants.