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Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments

Northstar Digital Literacy, a program from Literacy Minnesota, tests your computer skills. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges.


Northstar  offers up to 15 certificates that you can list on your resume or digital profile to prove you know how to use computers and software. The best part? You can take practice tests and watch your knowledge grow after every successful assessment!


How it Works:

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments have two steps.


Step One: You will take an online assessment, between 20-45 questions, that allow you to demonstrate your skills. After completing the assessment, you'll receive your score. This score tells you how much you already know, and which areas you can improve.

Step Two: You will watch and interact with videos on the topic of the assessment you just completed. These interactive videos provide additional context and allow you to practice any skills that are relevant to the topic. Then, you'll have the opportunity to take the assessment again.

Certificate of completion sample

If you score 85% or higher, you earn a certificate that proves you are a master of the standards within that assessment. If you do not score 85%, we are here to help you learn, practice, and master the skills!

To receive your certificate, you must take the assessment under supervision of an exam proctor. Proctors are available at Kansas City Public Library locations by appointment.

To schedule a proctored Northstar assessment, fill out this form or call 816-701-3606. We can proctor exams virtually and in-person. 

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