Help Guides for Common Tech Tasks

We have created the following guides to help you use technology. Whether you just need a quick glance or want to print a copy and keep it with you, these easy-to-follow guides will help you through some common tasks, step-by-step.

Internet to Go
How to connect to the internet with the WiFi hotspot you borrowed from the Kansas City Public Library
Facebook for Business
Create and manage a Facebook page for your business or nonprofit.
Online Scams during COVID
Learn about common scams that especially target older adults during the pandemic
Keyboard shortcuts
Helpful keyboard shortcuts for common tasks
Online Safety Tips
Protect your personal information with good safety practices
WiFi Hotspot FAQ
Frequently asked questions about wifi hotspots
How to Zoom
Connect to a Zoom meeting
Tech Beginner Vocabulary
Common words to remember if you are a beginner
How to Gmail
Create a new Gmail account
How to Connect to a WiFi Hotspot
Use a WiFi hotspot to connect to internet
4 Steps to Landing a Job Interview
Four simple steps for job searching