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  • Tech Access | Kansas City Public Library

    Helping build Kansas City's digital skills since 2016 Tech Access is a free service provided by the Kansas City Public Library to help patrons learn how to use technology and other digital tools in their day-to-day lives. Bridging the Digital Divide in Kansas City Today, more than 14% of households in Kansas City don't have internet access, and 10% do not have a computer in their home. Since digital skills are becoming increasingly necessary to participate in today's society, dedicated efforts are needed to create an inclusive digital equity. Learn Learn how to use a smartphone, find things on the internet, find free or affordable connectivity, and so much more! Start Learning> Partner See how your organization can help bridge the digital divide in Kansas City by partnering with Tech Access. Partner with Us> Volunteer Become a Tech Coach Volunteer or Digital Corps Member to help communities overcome KC's digital divide. Join Us >

  • Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment | Tech Access | KCPL

    Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments Northstar Digital Literacy, a program from Literacy Minnesota, tests your computer skills. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges. Northstar offers up to 15 certificates that you can list on your resume or digital profile to prove you know how to use computers and software. The best part? You can take practice tests and watch your knowledge grow after every successful assessment! How it Works: Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments have two steps . Step One: You will take an online assessment, between 20-45 questions, that allow you to demonstrate your skills. After completing the assessment, you'll receive your score. This score tells you how much you already know, and which areas you can improve. ​ Step Two: You will watch and interact with videos on the topic of the assessment you just completed. These interactive videos provide additional context and allow you to practice any skills that are relevant to the topic. Then, you'll have the opportunity to take the assessment again. Northstar Assessments: Take a Practice Test or Schedule a Proctor If you score 85% or higher , you earn a certificate that proves you are a master of the standards within that assessment. If you do not score 85%, we are here to help you learn, practice, and master the skills! ​ To receive your certificate, you must take the assessment under supervision of an exam proctor. Proctors are available at Kansas City Public Library locations by appointment. ​ To schedule a proctored Northstar assessment, fill out this form or call 816-701-3606. We can proctor exams virtually and in-person.

  • TechConnect Navigator | Tech Access | KCPL

    TechConnect Navigators Now more than ever, our neighbors and community members need access to resources they need to use technology in daily life. A majority of us have internet at home, a laptop or desktop computer of our own, and the skills and confidence to use these tools for everyday tasks. But an estimated 20% of Kansas City households are missing one or more of these resources, pitting them against challenges, especially as we work remotely, adjust to online schooling, and more. ​ Kansas City Public Library continues to lead innovative solutions for bridging KC's digital divide with its new TechConnect Hotline service . Anyone in the greater KC metro area can call or text our number to ask questions related to getting affordable digital resources. As you answer calls or texts through our web-based call center software (no downloads or phone service required!), simply gather some basic information from your caller and enter it into our navigator database. ​ We have all the tools, training, and support to help you help the disconnected 20%! Build your own schedule and volunteer from home, or anywhere you have a computer and internet connection. Learn more and see if this is the opportunity for you. Sign Up for Orientation Already a volunteer? Volunteer Portal Login

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